Where can I learn C?

Where to begin?

One of the reasons for the Embedded Apprentice blog is to teach. This stuff is not easy, and when I was learning I always wanted a place to give some advice, and maybe a few pointers. All of the lessons shared have been hard won, in the trenches, dealing with real systems and real problems. These problems and successes have made the difference between companies shipping product or going out of business.

A problem when your trying to teach is always “where to begin?” The blog could be a series of beginning tutorials on computers and C coding. I did not think that was the best use of my time. There are a lot of places to learn coding. Yet another blog about “computers use binary numbers” would have people tune out before we ever made it to the juiciest stuff.

C is the language for Embedded Systems

You have to know it. Last post I referenced the Embedded.com survey. Other languages come and go, but most projects are in good old C.

You’re just a beginner and C looks intimidating. Or you’ve done business apps and this seems too low level. Well, I have good news for you.

Awesome C introduction

A friend turned me on to the CS50 course from Harvard. (Thanks Alex) It is more like watching a stage show. This guy brings more energy and pep to teaching first computing concepts than I could ever muster. The best part? The first lecture wants you to program in Scratch. My kids program in Scratch on the One Laptop Per Child I bought in 2008. I had never tried it, but cool and interesting. Now I wish I could use it for work.

The even better part? The next series of lectures is a gentile introduction to C. Here is the entire list of lectures.

The first C lecture – for easy watching

More Video

Embedded Apprentice has a YouTube channel.

The channel is subscribed to other YouTube channels like cs50, Embedded.fm and others with related content. It is a place to get some curated video,with less noise from the tubes. (That is an old man’s electronics joke. Tubes, get it?) Anyhow, check it out and please enjoy some embedded goodness.


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