The Coding Quiz

Completely unrelated to the Elon Musk Wants to Hire Me! blog post, I was contacted by a company, started by Elon about a firmware job. Interestingly they found me from LinkedIn, not from the blog post.
The job sounded cool, so I went ahead with the interview process. Right now, I am not looking for a new job, but when someone calls you out of the blue with interesting work, it is always worth the time to talk.
After the usual phone screen from HR, the first step was a C quiz. Basically a bunch of code review question. I don’t like these sort of quizzes.
The first reason is obvious. I flubbed the quiz and that ended the interview process. I am disappointed by that. Even if I don’t really want to move myself, and the whole family again, it is fun to interview. Just going and interviewing with people lets you learn about the whole company, the people and what they are doing. Fascinating.
My C code is rusty, I must admit. The current day job does not let me do much code. It is my fault, not theirs. I take full responsibility. The Task Turner code is still in a partially finished state. Expect some posts as I finish it.
Beyond the disappointment, the quiz sucks. Seriously, if there is code like this in the same city, much less in the code base you work on daily, find it and tell the programmer to find a new career. Who would write code like that?

Something about C

The language is great, because you can do anything with it. There are very few rules. When you know those rules, you can break them. People always write the blog posts about “Language of the Day will replace C”. Maybe, or maybe not. The latest example, Rust will replace C. I may do a project in Rust, just to see if it will work. Ada, C++, and Python have not replaced C yet. Yes, some projects would benefit from a better language.

How do you improve the state of your C code. First, read the books. In the end, this is a blog post about the best C coding books.
  • First is the classic The C Programming Language. Nothing is better. All languages should be required to explain the whole enchalada in one book, no more than 272 pages long.
  • Second, Deep C Secrets a great and in depth book.
  • Third, Pointers on C. This is the one I should have reviewed for the quiz.
All are on my bookshelf. Maybe they should be on yours?
There is a lot more on this topic. How about I save those topics for later posts?

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