New Toy! Unboxing my Robot Arm

The MeArm

You want to see some interesting projects here. I think this is cool. The latest toy arrived from the Hackaday store. Here is a quick video of what it looks in the box.

The other ARM

Along with the robot, a new version of the BeagleBone arrived. The Beagle Bone Blue is a board made for robots. This board has everything, even WiFi and BlueTooth, so it will feature in many projects.

I think this is pretty awesome. My oldest son is also interested, and he will be helping me build the second MeArm.

What’s the goal?

I have an idea, but I’ll keep it a secret for now. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel and you can see the updates. There is a tight deadline for this one, I need to show the project at our next embedded developers Meetup.

What is more interesting than the physical robot is the software driving it. There are a few open libraries to do kinematics, model robots and all sorts of robot things. Sounds like fun.

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