Elon Musk Wants to Hire Me!

If you’re thinking, “I really want to learn to be a professional programmer.” You’ll do some research. It does not take long before you realize that “programmer” is a vast fractal universe, with dozens of popular languages, hundreds of frameworks and tools. It is a fractal because there is infinite detail at any magnification. There are factions having flame wars all the time on the one “best” and true way to do some programming task.

What do you choose?

Which is the red pill?

Let me make a suggestion. First figure out where you want to live. I would recommend a mid sized college town, but if you are young and want to be downtown in a big city, great, go for it. Maybe you are like me, and really don’t want to live in Silicon Valley. If you do live there great. The prices are high, and it was always too crowded for a country kid like me. Different people with different priorities.

Anyhow, grab a location, try a few. Some great ones are Boulder, CO; Austin ,TX; or Raleigh, NC. Now, go to Indeed, or use the links to each city and search for “embedded”, try “firmware”. Also, try the other tools and frameworks too. I am trying to get you to see that the best programming tools are the ones you get paid to use.

Yes there are three month intensive “boot camps”, and some are good. I would love to go and learn all I could about Java Script, React or the MEAN stack. I only wish I had the time.

But what I know is embedded programming, writing firmware in C to make the hardware work. The low level, low power code that is optimized, and fast on a slow processor. You know, the fun stuff. A cool thing about this sort of code is there are a lot of companies that need device level programmers. So look for companies you think are doing great things.

Google wants us.

Facebook is interested.

Small companies and startups too. Sorry but you have to find your own links for all those companies.

Telsa comes to mind. They want to hire me, or people just like me.


They are hiring.

One more thing that makes me think Elon is interested in embedded and firmware engineers. I have a friend. We worked together at two companies, one a funded startup and the other a very tiny startup. Hopefully he learned some things from working with me. I know I learned from him. Guess who has a cube just down the hallway at his new job? Elon Musk.

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