Best next project ideas

I think people who say they don’t have an “idea” to work on are lying. The ideas are in their head, but they don’t want to tell you.

Me, I have too many ideas. I keep a TiddlyWiki that has over 100 ideas of projects, things to build, apps and web sites. There is even a category of bad ideas with 37 ideas that are too Si-fi, hard, or not my thing.

Here is a list of the ideas that might be interesting to you, readers of this blog.

  • Finish the TaskTurner
  • Rust for an RTOS
  • Do the robot arms and use ROS.
  • A project with an FPGA
    • A project using the FPGA for video
    • A project using a Zynq and FPGA
    • Process audio with this
    • A project with an Amazon F1 Instance
  • Driver for a peripheral in FreeRTOS
  • Serve a web page from a tiny microcontroller
    • Use Vue.js to make it pretty
  • Finish
    • Use Vue.js to make it pretty
  • Get a USB device working
    • Tie sensors and stuff to the USB device
  • A pool/hot tub monitoring device
    • With an app
  • An attic fan controller
  • Something cool with Memristors, not a clue what, but something cool
  • Color sensors. They are in a box in the closet, waiting, always waiting…
    • An M&M sorting machine with the color sensors (great way to show off I2C)

See what I mean, too many ideas, never enough time, sigh. James Altucher talks about becoming an idea machine. It is good advice. What can you come up with?

What would you like to see as projects on the blog?