Author: Doug G

  • Building tasks in the TaskTurner

    What is a task? How big should a task be? How long should a task take?

  • Task Turner part 2, the Basic Code is Working

    Here is the TaskTurner source code, we will discuss it in the post.

  • Will wafer scale scale?

    Moore’s Law has ruled the semiconductor industry since 1965. If we use the whole wafer for one chip, did we break the law?

  • The other side of outsourcing

    What would happen if a company outsourced to America? I have worked with people from all over the world, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Germany, and even Idaho. They are all people, with strengths and weaknesses.

  • Free C coding standard

    The Barr Group has released their Embedded C Coding Standard. For the low cost of an email address, you can get it for free, yes FREE!

  • How I chose an RTOS, and you should do the same

    Originally published May 24, 2017 dougwithau Leave a comment Edited and reformatted to publish with a new WP Host, May 27, 2024. Email Header: To: DEV_GROUP_FIRMWARE, DEV_GROUP_SOFTWARE From: Subject: Choosing an RTOS All, I need to clear the air about the RTOS we chose in yesterday’s group meeting. In a few paragraphs, you will understand the reasoning…

  • TaskTurner first code

    Originally published April 27, 2017 dougwihau on this blog. Revised and republished on a new host, May 21, 2024. The first code Given there is not a whole lot going on here, but let me point out a few things worth noticing. Still, a lot to do This is very basic. You get the idea…

  • Roll your own operating system

    No Operating System? There is always something.

  • Learning things that last

    Originally published on this blog April 21, 2017 dougwithau. Republished and formatting changed with new WP Host, EasyWP. Doug G Udemy is doing sales and promotions this week celebrating “2,000,000 learners” for their online courses. I am one of them and have actually finished one of my five courses. How much do you want to bet…

  • The Value of Experience

    I am currently looking for a new job. There are a few skill assesments around. From the Slack group I found the Embedded Skill tree. The original source if you want to fill it in for yourself is here. I guess I need to finally read the Bluetooth book. After completing the above, I…