An Apology

For what?

For the Star Trek is better than Star Wars post. That post was click bate, and crap. I stand by the opinion, but we can do better here.

Sure, it was funny to look at gif’s. The kids have talked about the new movie endlessly. Everyone in the house, even the dog, is sick of hearing about it.

However, it does not fit with the purpose of this blog. This blog is for interesting and cool technical stuff. Posts like that are schlock, and syrup. Garbage.

Listening to this weeks episode reminded me of that. What the hell is wrong with unicorns. For the past week or more, my audible book is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Same deal, be selfish and true to yourself.

The three or four friends who read this will be happy to know, from now on no more click bate. I can write for myself the technical stuff that I think is interesting. Yes, it makes me happy.