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  • Clearing up TaskTurner questions

    Originally published May 8, 2017 Republished June 20, 2024 Last of this series The code on GitHub Post 1 Role your own Operating System, Post 2, TaskTurner First Code, Post 3, The Basic Code is Working, Post 4, Building Tasks, Post 5, Lowering System Power and Timers. Inter Process Communications I was going to write all about it. Then Collin Walls posted a…

  • Lowering the system power, and some thoughts on time.

    Let’s think about the simple system with only one set of tasks. How long does it take to execute all the tasks in the list?

  • Building tasks in the TaskTurner

    What is a task? How big should a task be? How long should a task take?

  • Task Turner part 2, the Basic Code is Working

    Here is the TaskTurner source code, we will discuss it in the post.

  • Will wafer scale scale?

    Moore’s Law has ruled the semiconductor industry since 1965. If we use the whole wafer for one chip, did we break the law?

  • The other side of outsourcing

    What would happen if a company outsourced to America? I have worked with people from all over the world, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Germany, and even Idaho. They are all people, with strengths and weaknesses.

  • Free C coding standard

    The Barr Group has released their Embedded C Coding Standard. For the low cost of an email address, you can get it for free, yes FREE!

  • How I chose an RTOS, and you should do the same

    Originally published May 24, 2017 Edited and reformatted to publish with a new WP Host, May 27, 2024. Email Header: To: DEV_GROUP_FIRMWARE, DEV_GROUP_SOFTWARE From: Doug@yourco.com Subject: Choosing an RTOS All, I need to clear the air about the RTOS we chose in yesterday’s group meeting. In a few paragraphs, you will understand the reasoning behind the…

  • TaskTurner first code

    Originally published April 27, 2017 dougwihau on this blog. Revised and republished on a new host, May 21, 2024. The first code https://github.com/EmbeddedApprentice/TaskTurner Given there is not a whole lot going on here, but let me point out a few things worth noticing. Still, a lot to do This is very basic. You get the idea…

  • Roll your own operating system

    No Operating System? There is always something.

Got any book recommendations?

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